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Activities for Fine Motor Skills

I have compiled a list of supplies and activities which foster fine motor development.  Although, it may look like just child’s play; in fact, it is the opposite.  This is all very serious work that young learners need.  As teachers, we have the challenge to embed these activities within our rigorous academic programs.

Lastly, here is a cutting activity that I use the first week of school with my students.  In my class, we think of our scissors as a car and we must stay on the road while cutting.  Click below to learn more.

Fine motor skills are small movements of the hand and they are crucial to holding a pencil. If your child needs extra practice to strengthen fine motor skills, here are some activities you can try at home:

Cut out pictures from newspapers or magazines.

Put together small beads and play with toys that teach building skills.

Knead and build with dough or clay.

Hide small objects in the dough and have your child find them.

Play pegboard games.

Play with any toys that involve manipulation of small pieces.

Use a water bottle to squirt water on the sidewalk.

Have a cotton ball race across the table with your child.

Finger-paint on a paper plate with sand or shaving cream.

Use small marshmallows and toothpicks to form letters.

String, popcorn, buttons, or beads to make necklaces.

Use a hole-punch to create a design on a piece of paper.

Clip clothespins to a container.

Apply lace to cards.

Mosaics with seeds, matches, torn paper

Make mudpies

Dress ups especially with gloves, bracelets, rings, watches, brooches, zips, small buttons, hooks and eyes, buckles.

Sorting activities e.g beads, buttons, buttons, playing cards.

Trace around the hands,colour in and cut them out.

Tear up paper into little bits (stick in a picture)

Pop bubble wrap

Make shapes with pipe cleaners

Help sort, nuts, bolts and screws

Help hammer and undo screws

Play with Lego or other small building blocks.

Prepare fruit and vegetables using a vegetable peeler, shelling peas, peeling fruit, grated cheese and carrot.

Gather small objects from around the house (small buttons, beads, etc.). Place them in a container, have your child pick them off the floor with a pair of tweezers, and place them back in the container.

Preparing own lunch and snack food.

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